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Title: Walk This Mile In My Bloody Shoes
Author: xemeraldshardsx 
Summary: Post-Abandon All Hope. In the midst of turmoil and regret, Dean meets Michael in a dream and makes a choice. A semi-dark vignette.
Spoilers: Set in Season 5. Follows 5.10 Abandon all Hope
Genre: Gen, Angst
Characters: Dean, Sam, Lucifer, Michael
Rating: T (mature themes, disturbing visual)
Disclaimer: Supernatural does not belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended. Just playing the sandbox.
Length: 620 words
Author's Note: This is my first time posting something here on Livejournal. Up until this point I've only strictly used ff.net...Yes, yes I know unbelievable right? Well, we all start eventually folks. This is pretty short, wanted to start small and then maybe post some stories/one-shots. Enjoy.

When Dean dreams, it's filled with nothing but leathery wings and Sammy's face with Lucifer's eyes.

He smells blood, so much blood and decay, but that's not what makes him gag. It's the smell of failure, thick and cloying like demon smoke invading his body. He sees lifeless eyes among the carnage, staring at him, accusing him and they have every right to.

It's all his fault.

The sky is red and the ground is painted with bodies. Demons are laughing, a sickening sound that drove him insane down in the depths of hell on that damn rack.

He's staring down a dirt covered road, up to his knees in blood and God knows what else, and he sees a pillar of light at the other end. The sky cracks open and Sam, no Lucifer, descends down to stand in the middle.

His can't breathe; feels like someone shoved their fist in his chest and dug their nails into his heart, then told him to take a deep breath.

"It's too late now." He smiles with Sam's face, dressed in that Miami Vice white suit. He's tempted to comment but making witty jokes doesn't seem all too appropriate now. "I told you it would come to this. I warned you Dean."

Dean looks down at his hands and sees sticky red, flaking off in patches. He's about to be sick but he's too desperate to focus on anything but that shimmer of light behind Sam. Maybe, there's still a chance, maybe he can still save him.

"Oh no, Dean. Don't be silly." Lucifer chuckles like he can see the hope staining his skin like neon paint. "You failed."

He smiles, all blinding white teeth and it looks nothing like the little brother he raised through cheap hotel rooms and almost bare cupboards.

His heart stutters in his chest.


He's about to crumple to the ground and scream but something whisks by his face. It's warm like sunlight, flows straight into his ears.

"Not too late." A voice whispers by his ear, drowning out the screams and squish of flesh. "All you have to do is realize that. You can still stop this. You can save everyone."

"Sammy too?" His voice cracks and it's sadly not surprising to him that after all this, Sam is still his number one priority.

The voice softens and it reminds him of his mother. "Yes, Sam too."

He sucks in a deep breath and closes his eyes. The light pulses and spreads until it swallows Lucifer like a vortex.

Dean opens his eyes and starts to walk forward. Bones crack underneath his boots but it doesn't stop him, makes him cringe but he keeps going. It the longest mile he's ever walked. Demons are crowded together on both sides, reaching out with talons, inviting him into the darkness.

"Come with us, pretty one. Just like before."

Their grins are lopsided and he does his
best to ignore them, he can see the lies stacked between their teeth, and the unwanted flash of forty years in hell.
Michael is waiting for him, a hand outstretched with six amber wings glowing from his back. His eyes are liquid gold and his smile is wide.

"We can stop him. Set things right, Dean." The archangel promises and surprisingly he believes him. "Help me?"

Dean stops in front of him and tilts his face toward the sky. All he's ever wanted was for things to be back to normal. He just wants Sam happy and safe again, that's all.
"Okay." He reaches out and grabs Michael's hand.

The world burns, bathed in blinding light and when he wakes up, his eyes aren't green anymore.



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